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26 March 2020 13 min read

Global Matters: The impact of the oil shock on North American midstream assets

In this follow up article, 4D Senior Investment Analysts Peter Aquilina and Mark Jones revisit the North American midstream thesis, and stress test assumptions for a dramatically lower commodity price
11 March 2020 1 min read

4D update on COVID-19

We believe the coronavirus issue will pass, but not without obvious and significant personal and economic pain including its impact on global growth.
24 February 2020 10 min read

Global Matters: ESG at 4D

In this article, Sarah Shaw (Global Portfolio Manager & Chief Investment Officer) looks at: (1) the current state of play with Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) issues around the world; (
Trip insights europe
23 September 2019

Trip Insights: Europe

This is the eighth in our series of Trip Insights where we share those experiences.
9 September 2019

Q&A with 4D Infrastructure

Watch Sarah Shaw, Global Portfolio Manager and Chief Investment Officer of 4D Infrastructure answer questions on the current situation in global markets; opportunities and threats to global listed inf
Trip Insights Canada
7 July 2019

Trip Insights: Canada 2019

This is the seventh in our series of Trip Insights, where we share those experiences.
9 May 2019

Global Matters: Populism & perish

Populism is spreading rapidly and globally, and becoming more aggressive in its implementation and execution. It traverses national borders and can infiltrate all political affiliations.
2 May 2019

Global Matters: The changing face of US midstream assets - Investment opportunity created

In this article, 4D Infrastructure’s Peter Aquilina and Greg Goodsell review the US midstream sector and identify a number of changes underway which they believe will see the creation of real sharehol
28 March 2019

Opportunities in listed infrastructure

Global Portfolio Manager and Chief Investment Officer, Sarah Shaw, shares her thoughts on the future for global infrastructure.
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