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4D Infrastructure is a boutique asset manager investing in listed infrastructure companies across all four corners of the globe. Our aim is to identify quality infrastructure companies that are trading below fair value and have sustainable, growing earnings combined with sustainable, growing dividends.


Infrastructure offers significant potential for growth as a result of a huge and growing need for investment, thanks to a chronic underspend on infrastructure globally over the past 30 years as well as the changing dynamics of the global population. Few governments are in the financial position to fully fund their country’s infrastructure need, presenting a major opportunity for the private sector which has broadened even further due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The possibility of infrastructure’s consistent returns can also be an attractive attribute for those looking to add a defensive element within their equity portfolio exposure.


At 4D, we look to acquire assets below their fundamental value, taking advantage of market inefficiencies within countries we deem suitable for investment. We aren’t restricted by an infrastructure index (which weights stocks based on their market capitalisation), meaning the portfolio offers investors access to our best ideas globally – not the index-relative best – and quality fundamental analysis.

4D is majority-owned by its team, and we also invest in the strategy – ensuring our goals are aligned with those of our investors. We have significant and diverse experience in global infrastructure, built around industry, sector, regional and company knowledge.

To tailor your experience and information, please let us know who you are.