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At 4D Infrastructure, Responsible Investment is fully integrated into our investment process and a core component of our investment stewardship.

Responsible Investment is defined as the consideration and promotion of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors in investment decision-making and active ownership of investments. This incorporates inclusion of ESG considerations in due diligence processes; appropriate value attribution to ESG factors; perseverance in promoting ESG considerations and transparency; a disciplined routine of monitoring ESG factors in existing investments; and a fostering of a strong ESG culture within the business.

We believe we consistently adhere to these behaviours and routines in our investment philosophy, processes and culture.

We believe supporting Responsible Investment not only results in better moral outcomes, but also enhances investment outcomes for our investors. The consideration of the influence of ESG factors on the risk, return and longevity of investments provides a more thorough due diligence process, and better risk-adjusted returns.

4D process ESG

Read our Responsible Investment Policy in full.

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ESG performance

  4D Global Infrastructure Fund Investment Universe2
Carbon Emissions Score (MSCI rating up to 10) 7.91 7.27
Carbon Intensity (TCO2 / US$M Rev) 435 921
Companies with good or moderate carbon reduction targets5 % 61.5% 45.4%
Average ratio of women on Boards 27.8% 26.4%
Proportion companies that adopted diversity workforce policy % 48.7% 49.8%
Proportion companies that are signatory to UN Global Compact 50.0% 27.9%
Average % Board independent6 71.8% 71.4%
Proportion with independent Chair or Lead Director 53.2% 56.4%
Proportion companies with bribery and anti-corruption policies and/or adhere to recognised external standards 93.2% 85.1%

Source: MSCI and 4D Infrastructure
1) Data is as of 30 September 2022
2) Equal stock weighting applied to Investment Universe
3) The larger the measure represents a more optimal outcome, except for Carbon Intensity
4) 94% of investment universe; and 100% of 4D Global Infrastructure Fund is covered in the above
5) Company targets assessment by MSCI
6) Independence assessed by MSCI
7) Safety data is available for specific sub sectors but not fulsome enough to represent for the complete portfolio/universe

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