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12 October 2021 15 min read

Global Matters: Infrastructure, interest rates & inflation

Infrastructure, interest rates and inflation: 3 dynamics that are commonly linked, but often in an incomplete manner that does not reflect the full story of their correlation.
11 May 2021

2021 Australian Federal Budget commentary

Consistent with trends in past budgets, the 2021 Federal Budget saw the Commonwealth Treasurer identify a further A$15.2 billion in new spending on major infrastructure projects, keeping the decade-lo
23 March 2021 18 min read

Global Matters: Green hydrogen - a European case study

While the speed of ultimate decarbonisation remains unclear, there appears to be a real opportunity for multi-decade investment as every country moves towards a cleaner environment.
road image
22 January 2021 19 min read

Global Matters: 4D's 2021 Outlook

To state the obvious, 2020 was a year like no other. The COVID-19 pandemic presented challenges the likes of which individuals, businesses and governments have never experienced before.
US election2
26 October 2020 19 min read

Global Matters: US 2020 presidential election - What policy means for infrastructure investment

The November 2020 US presidential election is between two polarising individuals in Donald Trump and Joe Biden, who represent very different views and approaches to leading the US for the next four-ye
Global matters
7 October 2020 21 min read

Global Matters: Decarbonisation and the infrastructure investment opportunity

The world has enjoyed over a century of ‘progress’ which has seen developed market industrialisation, huge and ongoing population growth, globalisation and, in more recent times, the emergence of a gr
Global Matters Direct and listed infrastructure - complementary portfolio allocations
25 June 2020 16 min read

Global Matters: Direct and listed infrastructure - complementary portfolio allocations

In this article, Senior Investment Analyst Peter Aquilina and Global Portfolio Manager Sarah Shaw discuss why 4D Infrastructure believes direct and listed allocations complement each other in portfoli
Buy time looming
16 April 2020 21 min read

Global Matters: Global listed infrastructure - 'Buy' time looming?

In this edition of Global Matters, Sarah Shaw (4D CIO & Global Portfolio Manager) revisits listed infrastructure’s unique and compelling characteristics, outlining why 4D continues to love the sec
Trip Insights: United States: North East, Mid West and the South
9 April 2020 18 min read

Trip Insights: United States: North East, Mid West and the South

This is the ninth in our series of Trip Insights, where we share those experiences.
To tailor your experience and information, please let us know who you are.