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9 August 2022 16 min listen

4D podcast: interest rates, inflation and infrastructure

4D’s Global Portfolio Manager and Chief Investment Officer, Sarah Shaw, speaks with Bennelong’s Jodie Saw about the impact changing interest rates and inflation can have on infrastructure; and the opp
Globes & flags
16 June 2022 15 min listen

4D podcast: explaining the country review process

Bennelong’s Dave Whitby speaks with Greg Goodsell, 4D’s Global Equity Strategist, about 4D’s unique country review process – an integral part of the business’s investment process – and its impact on t
22 November 2021 16 min listen

Your guide to investing in infrastructure

Sarah Shaw joins the Fear And Greed podcast for a guide to infrastructure investing.
1 November 2021 18 min listen

4D podcast – the role of infrastructure in reaching net zero

With the COP26 summit upon us, Sarah Shaw weighs in on decarbonisation.
22 July 2021 23 min listen

4D podcast: infrastructure and the global recovery

Sarah Shaw and Greg Goodsell (4D Infrastructure) speak with Dave Whitby (Bennelong Funds Management) about why 4D is looking forward to an inflationary environment in the global recovery; and how COVI
Global infra
26 February 2021 14 min listen

4D podcast: the unique investment opportunity in global listed infrastructure

Join 4D Infrastructure’s Global Portfolio Manager and Chief Investment Officer, Sarah Shaw, as she discusses the current opportunities in the infrastructure sector with Jodie Saw, Account Director Inv
27 May 2020 15 min listen

Q&A with Sarah Shaw: airports, emerging markets and ESG

Hear from Sarah Shaw, 4D Infrastructure’s Global Portfolio Manager and CIO, discuss the impact of COVID-19 on infrastructure
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