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30 August 2016

Why invest in global listed infrastructure?

4D Infrastructure’s Sarah Shaw and Greg Goodsell discuss the characteristics of global infrastructure, the increasing global need for investment in the sector, and the exciting opportunities this pres
29 June 2016

Global Matters: Australia's decade of fiscal deficits: There is a better way!

Over the past decade Australia has been let down by its federally elected politicians in the administration of fiscal policy.
14 June 2016

Global Matters: Will Brexit lead to Exitaliano?

The impending Brexit vote on European Union (EU) membership on 23 June 2016 will be a defining moment for Britain and Europe, and could have significant ramifications for global equity markets.
4 May 2016

Global Matters: A looming debt & demographics debacle?

Greg Goodsell, Global Equity Strategist at 4D Infrastructure, looks at the converging problems of excessive government debt and deteriorating population demographics in many parts of the developed wor
26 April 2016

Five reasons to invest in global listed infrastructure

Global listed infrastructure is a relatively new asset class, but it is becoming increasingly popular as an integral part of a truly diversified investment portfolio through its combination of attract
18 April 2016

Global Matters: Listed Infrastructure investment & rising interest rates

Greg Goodsell, Global Equity Strategist at 4D Infrastructure, looks at the often quoted relationship between listed infrastructure stocks and rising interest rates
17 March 2016

Global Matters: Why global infrastructure spend is set to increase

Greg Goodsell, Global Equity Strategist at 4D Infrastructure, looks at the growth of global listed infrastructure as an asset class and why funding infrastructure investment around the world will beco
1 March 2016

4D launches Global Listed Infrastructure Fund

Boutique global infrastructure fund manager 4D Infrastructure has launched the 4D Global Infrastructure Fund, available to retail and institutional investors.
26 February 2016

Global Matters: Good opportunities in listed infrastructure

A lack of public investment in infrastructure has been a feature in both developed and emerging economies over the past 30 years.
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