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14 January 2019

Trip Insights: United States North East & Mid West

This is the sixth in our series of Trip Insights, where we share those experiences.
7 December 2018

Trip Insights: Latin America & Europe 2018

This is the fifth in our series of Trip Insights.
Global Matters: Mobile adoption curve and 5G - a unique opportunity in global listed infrastructure investment
7 November 2018

Global Matters: Mobile adoption curve and 5G - a unique opportunity in global listed infrastructure investment

Mark Jones, Senior Investment Analyst from 4D Infrastructure, explores the appeal of communications infrastructure, the difference between developed and emerging markets, and the possible upside from
29 August 2018

Global infrastructure an overlooked opportunity

While big institutional investors such as superannuation funds have long recognised the benefits of infrastructure as an investment option, retail investors often don’t believe they can readily access
5 July 2018

Global Matters: Emerging markets and infrastructure - a natural partnership

Sarah Shaw, Global Portfolio Manager at 4D Infrastructure, explores the connectivity between EM and infrastructure, addressing why the relationship is so positive.
Trip insights canada april 2018
30 May 2018

Trip Insights: Canada, April 2018

This is the fourth in our series of Trip Insights.
27 April 2018

Global Matters: Is infrastructure a bond proxy?

Inflation looks to be very slowly emerging from a long slumber and interest rates are heading north. This has significant implications for the world’s economy and global equity markets.
22 March 2018

Trip Insights: USA, October/November 2017

A cornerstone of our investment process is company management meetings and site visits.
1 March 2018

Global Matters: The insatiable need for global infrastructure investment

In December 2015, we published a paper looking at the need for infrastructure investment around the world and why we believed the private sector was going to be an integral component in how that growt
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