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Fund In Focus: The 4D Global Infrastructure Fund

Listed infrastructure has not been immune to the COVID-19 induced recession, but infrastructure is a long term asset, with a five to 10 year horizon, says Sarah Shaw, Chief Investment Officer at 4D Infrastructure.


As published in Livewire Markets, 29th September 2020.

“There is no global growth recovery without port and airports, roads and rail, pipelines, power networks, and communications infrastructure.”

The combination of defensive attributes, huge investment needs, and the diverse nature of infrastructure makes it an attractive investment for the years and decades ahead. The team at 4D looks for assets that are monopolistic or possess a high barrier to entry, have regulated or contracted earnings stream, have built in inflation hedges, and provide an attractive yield.

In this Fund In Focus, Sarah highlights the long term opportunity in infrastructure investment, and how you can position in the sector to alleviate some of the concerns of the COVID-19 recession. 


Key points:

  • Infrastructure offers defensive attributes, while still allowing investors to participate in the upside of growth
  • Almost every developed nation on Earth has under-invested in infrastructure over the last few decades. The infrastructure need is now critical
  • Population growth continues around the world, unabated. Much of the world's infrastructure is designed for a global population of 1.5 billion people
  • Infrastructure is a clear winner from the emergence of the middle class
  • Governments will increasingly rely on private capital for infrastructure
  • How 4D Infrastructure is capitalising on the opportunity.

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