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News & Views: The real risk of wildfires to US infrastructure investors
This article focuses on wildfires in the US, and their impact on utility companies in our universe.
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21 November 2023
GM article
Global Matters: Extreme weather risks and their impact on investors
In this article, Peter Aquilina (Portfolio Manager - Sustainability) discusses how climate-related events can impact infrastructure operators and their investors.
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24 October 2023
4D podcast: The growth thematics immune to economic volatility
Global Portfolio Manager and CEO, Sarah Shaw, speaks with Bennelong Account Director, David Whitby, about the long-term growth opportunities for infrastructure despite the current economic and geopolitical environment.  
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19 October 2023
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News & Views: China – the re-opening trade that never quite was
In this article, we explore why China’s re-opening has proven to be more fizzle than fireworks.
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25 September 2023
Trip Insights: Europe
This is the 13th in our series of Trip Insights, where we share our travel experiences. It follows a trip taken by Sarah Shaw, Global Portfolio Manager, and Tasneef Rahman, Senior Investment Analyst, through Paris, Rome, Milan, Barcelona, Madrid and London, meeting with management teams from regulated utilities, renewables, communications and transport.
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7 September 2023
Political lobbying risks
News & Views: Political lobbying risks in the US
In this article, we outline the risks associated with political lobbying practices, consider best practice for avoiding these risks, and outline 4D’s approach to dealing with recent controversies.
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21 July 2023
Infrastructure is the key to entering emerging markets
For investors looking to take advantage of the opportunities in emerging markets, infrastructure is an attractive way to do so and there is no better time than now, according to CEO/CIO and portfolio manager at 4D Infrastructure, Sarah Shaw.
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20 July 2023
GM_The importance of emerging markets
Global Matters: The importance of emerging markets to the infrastructure opportunity
Global investors often exclude emerging markets (EMs) from their investment universe due to perceived unacceptable risk. This article explores why 4D believes EMs are too important to continue to ignore in a global asset allocation, and why listed infrastructure is the perfect way to gain exposure to the long-term EM growth thematic.
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20 June 2023
How to invest where consumer demand is set to explode
Emerging markets offer huge growth potential, but how do you invest for the exposure while managing the key risks?
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15 June 2023