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31 August 2022 11 min read

Trip Insights: Europe

This is the 10th in our series of Trip Insights where we share our travel experiences.
4D N&V_August 2022
19 August 2022 5 min read

News & Views: The cost of war

Russia invaded Ukraine on 24 February 2022, no doubt expecting a quick and easy triumph in achieving its territorial ambitions.
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9 August 2022 16 min listen

4D podcast: interest rates, inflation and infrastructure

4D’s Global Portfolio Manager and Chief Investment Officer, Sarah Shaw, speaks with Bennelong’s Jodie Saw about the impact changing interest rates and inflation can have on infrastructure; and the opp
2 August 2022 4 min read

News & Views: Could the US Supreme Court's decision against the EPA derail decarbonisation efforts?

On 30 June 2022, the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) ruled in favour of West Virginia and a group of other states in their lawsuit against the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), potent
4D Hedged
1 August 2022 2 min read

4D Infrastructure launches currency hedged fund

4D has launched a new currency hedged fund, the 4D Global Infrastructure Fund (AUD Hedged) (‘the Hedged Fund’).
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16 June 2022 15 min listen

4D podcast: explaining the country review process

Bennelong’s Dave Whitby speaks with Greg Goodsell, 4D’s Global Equity Strategist, about 4D’s unique country review process – an integral part of the business’s investment process – and its impact on t
Globes & flags
27 May 2022 8 min read

Global Matters: Why country risk matters

In this article, Sarah Shaw (4D’s Global PM and CIO) and Greg Goodsell (4D’s Global Equity Strategist) describe what 4D’s country review process involves, why it is so important, how it fits in with o
Australian election image
17 May 2022 4 min read

News & Views: Upcoming Australian federal election

The Australian federal election will be held on Saturday 21 May 2022 to elect the members of the 47th Parliament of Australia.
6 May 2022 13 min read

Global Matters: The long-term prospects of natural gas and midstream assets

In this article, Peter Aquilina (Senior Investment Analyst and Head of ESG) analyses what Net Zero means for natural gas demand in the long term; and discusses how 4D analyses and values oil/gas midst
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