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6 May 2022 13 min read

Global Matters: The long-term prospects of natural gas and midstream assets

In this article, Peter Aquilina (Senior Investment Analyst and Head of ESG) analyses what Net Zero means for natural gas demand in the long term; and discusses how 4D analyses and values oil/gas midst
6 April 2022 6 min read

News & Views: Looming French presidential election

The French presidential election is underway, with a first-round vote on Sunday 10 April and the run-off between the top two candidates on Sunday 24 April.
30 March 2022 12 min read

Global Matters: Russia-Ukraine conflict

The recent invasion of Ukraine by Russia was clearly a shocking event which, in 2022, was hoped would never happen again.
22 March 2022 4 min read

News & Views: Opportunities in equity market volatility

Volatile markets often give rise to the best investment opportunities.
24 February 2022 4 min read

News & Views: Labor’s emissions reduction plan

Achieving Net Zero carbon emissions is critical to long-term climate goals.
23 February 2022 4 min watch

Because even “safe” stocks are risky: 7 steps to help spot red flags

Investing involves risk. This is true for whatever assets you’re buying, whether they're the latest “meme stocks”, government bonds, or equities in defensive sectors such as listed infrastructure.
17 February 2022 5 min watch

A multi-trillion-dollar opportunity: 1 theme and 2 stocks on 4D's radar

There's a huge multiplier effect of infrastructure investment, which flows into employment and economic recovery. Governments recognise that. So it enhances that that need to spend.
16 February 2022 2 min read

4D Infrastructure appoints Matt Dell to new role

4D Infrastructure has appointed Matt Dell to the newly-created role of investment specialist to assist with growing the team’s footprint in distribution and marketing.
10 February 2022 5 min watch

"Essential" assets that probably belong in your portfolio

Whether you’re looking to branch out into equities after holding a heavy focus on fixed-income, or want to “de-risk” your existing stock exposures, infrastructure assets have a role to play in all bal
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