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4D podcast – the role of infrastructure in reaching net zero

With the COP26 summit upon us, Sarah Shaw weighs in on decarbonisation.


“Decarbonisation must happen, and the goal of net zero is just not achievable without the right form of infrastructure investment.”

With COP26 dominating conversation in Australia, 4D’s Sarah Shaw speaks with Bennelong’s Holly Old about the role infrastructure will play in the decarbonisation opportunity, particularly within high carbon-emitting industries such as energy and transport.

  • 1:18 – Are decarbonisation goals a threat or opportunity to the outlook for global infrastructure?
  • 3:06 – Explaining net zero and the Paris Agreement
  • 7:22 – The role infrastructure can play in decreasing carbon emissions across two key industries: electricity generation …
  • 11:16 – … and transport, including investment in new clean and future technologies
  • 15:37 – How 4D integrates ESG factors into its processes, and how the team is positioning its portfolio to invest in the decarbonisation

The content contained in this audio represents the opinions of the speakers. The speakers may hold either long or short positions in securities of various companies discussed in the audio. This commentary in no way constitutes a solicitation of business or investment advice. It is intended solely as an avenue for the speakers to express their personal views on investing and for the entertainment of the listener.

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