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This could be the investment theme of the decade

Flexible, diverse, predictable, and exposed to major global trends. In this Livewire article, Global Portfolio Manager and CEO/CIO, Sarah Shaw, tells journalist, Sara Allen, why infrastructure has it all. 

Sarah livewire

If I told you infrastructure could be the investment of the decade, would you believe me? Infrastructure is often the forgotten asset, maligned as a bond proxy or even seen as boring. Take a closer look though and you might be surprised at how wrong this view really is. Infrastructure has it all - an exciting story, predictable income, and flexibility for market cycles. Better yet, the market hasn’t truly cottoned on to its power.

There are many good reasons that Sarah is passionate about this asset class. In fact, she argues it has all the essential characteristics to be the investment of the decade. It’s a big call but one Shaw backs wholeheartedly.


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